About Us

OnSite Restorations had it’s beginning in Eastern Canada as an alternative option for furniture retailers and warranty companies in Eastern Canada that were tired of paying inflated reupholstering prices.  Mike and Leanne Hamilton launched the business to offer an affordable alternative that would solve problems and provide on location repairs to all types of upholstery.

Since then we’ve grown into a premium service business that provides mobile repairs to:

  • Auto Paint: Scratches, Dents, Cracks, Clear Coating, Headlight Repair
  • Upholstery: Leather, Vinyl, Fabric, Carpets, Plastics, Structural
  • Furniture: Tears, Fading, Seams, Mechanical & Structural Issues, Wood Finish
  • Residential: Counter Tops, Flooring Damage, Cabinets, Furniture
  • Marine: Buffing, Clear Coating, Vinyl Seats
  • Hospitality: Furniture, Mattresses, Carpets
  • Restaurants: Leather & Vinyl Seating, Tables, Flooring

Along with setting up franchises, Mike also works the trade day-to-day, and services his local customers in order to keep on the cusp of the newest, most effective repair products and techniques.  Leanne and Mike work together as a partnership to support franchise development.

At OnSite we want to solve problems for our customers by restoring their damaged vehicles and furniture with affordable and efficient repairs.